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Answers to Mastering Biology - Biology 100

02. Introduction to Biology
Chapter 1 Reading Quiz Question2
Q: In Pasteur's experiment, the purpose of the swan neck on the flask was to _____.
A:  trap cells from the air before they reached the growth mediu

Chapter 1 Reading Quiz Question 3
Q: Pasteur's results showed that _____.
A: when growth medium is not contaminated by preexisting cells, the growth medium remains sterile

03. Chemistry
Activity: Covalent Bonds
Q: What type of bond is joining the hydrogen 2 atoms?
A: Covalent
Q: A(n) _____ refers to two or more atoms held together by covalent bonds.
A: molecule
Q: This atom can form up to _____ single covalent bond(s).
A: 4
Q: A(n) _____ bond joins these two oxygen atoms.
A: double covalent

Chapter 2 Blue Thread Question 1
Q: Which of the following statements most accurately describes the relative locations of the covalently bonded electrons in methane ({\rm CH_4}) and ammonia ({\rm NH_3})?
A: Electrons are shared equally in {\rm CH_4} and unequally in NH3.

Activity: Nonpolar and Polar Molecules
Q: Which of these figures correctly illustrates the nature of the bonding of H2O?
A: The correct answer is the illustration where oxygen atom is negative and the hydrogen atoms are positive.
Q: What type of bond joins the carbon atom to each of the hydrogen atoms?
A: single (nonpolar) covalent

Chapter 2 Question 6
Q: You isolate a molecule and determine it is nonpolar. Based on this property, the molecule is largely composed of the elements _____.
A: carbon and hydrogen

Activity: Dissociation of Water Molecules
Q: What name is given to this molecule?
A: hydronium ion
Q: How did this molecule form?
A: A water molecule gained an hydrogen ion from another water molecule.
Q: What name is given to this molecule? (There is one oxygen and one hydrogen atom)
A:  hydroxide ion
Q: Click on the diagram to begin the animation. This animation illustrates the _____ of water. 
A:  dissociation
Q: Which of these is the correct equation for the dissociation of water? 
A: H2O + H2O <==> H3O+ + OH-
Q: What is the charge of a hydronium ion?
A: 1+
Q: What is the charge on a hydroxide ion? 
A: 1-
Q: About _____ molecules in a glass of water are dissociated. 
A: 1 in 500,000,000

Activity: Hydrogen Bonds
Q: The brackets are indicating a(n) _____ bond.
A: hydrogen
Q: What name is given to the bond between water molecules? 
A: hydrogen

Chapter 2 Question 26
Q: To act as an effective coolant in a car's radiator, a substance has to be a liquid at the temperatures found in your car's engine and have the capacity to absorb a great deal of heat. You have a reference book with tables listing the physical properties of many liquids. In choosing a coolant for your car, which table would you check first?
A: specific heat

Carbon Bonding and Functional Groups
Q: Which molecules show an appropriate number of bonds around each carbon atom?
A: 3 apply- the molecule that has the circular structure, the molecule that has a double bond between 2 carbon atoms in it, and the one with only one oxygen atom.
Q: The molecule shown here contains four functional groups. Highlight all the atoms of the four functional groups by clicking on them. When you click on each atom, it will change color. To deselect an atom, click on it again. Do not highlight any bonds.
A: There are a total of 11 atoms you are going to need to highlight. The H and the S all the way to the left, The O and H that extend off the top of the molecule, the N and 2 H's that branch off of the right of the molecule, the phosphate group on the bottom consisting of one P and 3 O's.
Q: Functional groups confer specific chemical properties to the molecules of which they are a part. In this activity, you will identify which compounds exhibit certain chemical properties as well as examples of those six different compounds. Drag one molecule (white label) and one chemical property (blue label) to each bin.
A: Alcohol will need the molecule where one O and one H is highlighted and "is highly polar and may act as a weak acid". Carboxylic acid will need the molecule where 2 O's a C and an H molecule are highlighted, also "acts as an acid". Aldehyde needs the molecule where 1 O and 1 C atom are highlighted and "may be a structural isomer of a ketone". Thiol will need the molecule where and S and an H atom are highlighted and "forms disulfide bonds". Amine will need the molecule where an N and 2 H molecules are highlighted and "acts as a base". Organic Phosphate will need the molecule with 1 P and 4 O atoms and "contributes negative charge".

Chapter 2 Blue Thread Question 8
Q: Which list shows the correct positions of the molecules on an electron-sharing continuum, with equal sharing on the left and no sharing (i.e., transfer of electrons) on the right?
A: O2, CO2, CaCl2

Chapter 3 Blue Thread Question 2
Q: The figure illustrates a reaction between two amino acid monomers that produces a "dipeptide." What type of reaction is shown and what kind of bond is formed between the two monomers?
A: a condensation reaction that forms a covalent bond

Chapter 3 Blue Thread Question 3
Q: Each of the figures above represents a peptide with three amino acids linked together (a "tripeptide"). In which figure are the N-terminus, C-terminus, Amino Group, and Carboxyl Group correctly labeled?
A: The answer is the molecule where N-terminus is in the top left corner and Amino Group is in the bottom right corner.

Chapter 3 Question 20
Q: You disrupt all hydrogen bonds in a protein. What level of structure will be preserved? 
A: primary structure

Amino Acid Functional Groups
Q: Classify these amino acids as acidic, basic, neutral polar, or neutral nonpolar. Drag each item to the appropriate bin.
A: The acidic bin will have none. The basic bin will have arginine. The neutral polar bin will have asparagine, cysteine, and glutamine. The neutral nonpolar will have Alanine.
Q: Classify these amino acids as acidic, basic, neutral polar, or neutral nonpolar.
Drag each item to the appropriate bin.
A: Acidic - none. Basic - lysine. Neutral Polar -  serine. Neutral nonpolar - proline, phenylalanine, methionine.
Q: Classify these amino acids as acidic, basic, neutral polar, or neutral nonpolar. Drag each item to the appropriate bin.
A: Acidic - glutamic acid. basic - none. neutral polar - tyrosine, threonine. neutral nonpolar - tryptophan, valine.

Chapter 3 Reading Quiz Question 6
Q: Which of the following statements about the primary structure of a protein is true? 
A: Primary structure is produced by the unique sequence of amino acids in a protein. 
Chapter 3 Question 22
Q: When polymerization of a protein is complete, but the protein is still completely linear, what is the highest level of structure that has been completed? 
A: primary
04. Mitosis, meiosis, genetics 

The Phases of Mitosis
Q: Which event does not take place before the start of mitosis?
A: The nuclear envelope disintegrates.
Q: True or false? Mitosis takes place during M phase, which is the longest phase of the cell cycle.
A: False.
Q: Which term describes two recently replicated DNA strands that are joined together just before cell division?
A:  Sister chromatids 
Q: During which stage of mitosis are chromosomes lined up in the center of the cell?
A: Metaphase
Q: Which stage of mitosis is characterized by the disintegration of mitotic spindles and the formation of two new nuclear membranes?
A: Telophase
Q: To which part of the centromere do mitotic spindle fibers attach during prometaphase?
A: Kinetochore
Q: During which substage of mitosis do sister chromatids break apart and start moving to opposite poles of the cell?
A: Anaphase

 Chapter 11 Reading Quiz Question 2
Q: During what phase of the cell cycle does the DNA become replicated?
A: S

Activity: Cell Cycle
Q: Which of these phases encompasses all of the stages of mitosis?
A: E
Q: During _____ both the contents of the nucleus and the cytoplasm are divided.
A: the mitotic phase
Q: During _____ the cell grows and replicates both its organelles and its chromosomes.
A: interphase

Chapter 12 Blue Thread Question 1
Q: For the male lubber grasshopper shown in the figure what are the (1) haploid number, (2) ploidy, and (3) total number of chromosomes?
A: (1) 12; (2) 2n; (3) 23 

Chapter 12 Reading Quiz Question 1
Q: A non-sex chromosome is _____.
A: an autosome 

Chapter 12 Reading Quiz Question 4
Q: In an organism in which 2n = 6, how many chromosomes will be in each gamete?
A: 3

Chapter 12 Question 1
Q: Which of the following processes contributes directly to genetic variation?
A: meiosis

Chapter 12 Blue Thread Question 6
Q: Which statement is FALSE concerning gametes produced by meiosis?
A: Gametes contain nonrandom combinations of maternal and paternal chromosomes. 

Chapter 12 Blue Thread Question 10
Q: For species that alternate between sexual and asexual reproduction, which statement is most accurate?
A: Sexual reproduction is common when environmental conditions are changing rapidly. 

Chapter 13 Question 1
Q: Mendel crossed yellow-seeded and green-seeded pea plants and then allowed the offspring to self-pollinate to produce an F2 generation. The results were as follows: 6022 yellow and 2001 green (8023 total). The allele for green seeds has what relationship to the allele for yellow seeds?
A: recessive

Chapter 13 Question 9
Q: Gray seed color in peas is dominant to white. Assume that Mendel conducted a series of experiments where plants with gray seeds were crossed among themselves, and the following progeny were produced: 302 gray and 98 white. (a) What is the most probable genotype of each parent? (b) Based on your answer in (a) above, what genotypic and phenotypic ratios are expected in these progeny? (Assume the following symbols: G = gray and g = white.)
A: (a) Gg × Gg; (b) genotypic = 1:2:1, phenotypic = 3:1 

Chapter 13 Blue Thread Question 1
Q: In peas, the allele for yellow seeds (Y) is dominant to the allele for green seeds (y). What would be the genotype and phenotype ratios of offspring from a cross between Yy and yy individuals?
A: Genotype: ½ Yy : ½ yy; Phenotype: ½ yellow : ½ green 

 Chapter 13 Blue Thread Question 3
Q: Assuming independent assortment, an individual of genotype SsYyAa would produce gametes of what genotypes (in their correct proportions)?
A: 1/8 SYA, 1/8 SYa, 1/8 SyA, 1/8 Sya, 1/8 sYA, 1/8 sYa, 1/8 syA, 1/8 sya  

05 Nucleic Acids, DNA 

 Activity: Structure of RNA and DNA
Q: Which structure is not a component of a nucleotide?
A: Sulfhydryl Oxygen group 

Which of the following statements about nucleotide structure is false?
A: The phosphate group is bonded to the nitrogenous base. 
Q: True or false? Guanine and uracil are examples of nitrogenous bases.
A: True
Q: Which linkage forms the backbone of a nucleic acid?
A: A sugar-phosphate linkage 
Q: Which of the following statements about DNA structure is true?
A: The nucleic acid strands in a DNA molecule are oriented antiparallel to each other.   
Q: What is the complementary DNA sequence to 5’ ATGCATGTCA 3’?

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Significance of Games - Top 10

Before reading this essay, the reader should understand that playing games have always been a significant portion of my life. By games I don't mean any sports. I mean video games, computer games, card games, and board games. I have always lived in an environment where I am exposed to different types of games and ever since I have been a small child I have been actively involved in playing them. However, I wouldn't go as far as calling my love for these games an addiction because I have always had the ability to put them down for a few days without cravings or withdrawals. Sometimes I can even grow bored of them. My ability to limit and prioritize my gaming time has made sure they don't have a negative effect on my life. Looking at myself from a broad perspective, I have a large network of friends, a good relationship with my family, a beautiful girlfriend,  I am doing very well in school, and I keep a good physique. I know all of these things are more important than games. The games that I consider to be of the most importance to myself have become a portion of my life and in result, have contributed to shaping the person I am today. Some games have taught me certain lessons that are valuable in life, others have altered my outlook on different parts of life, and some have provided a good bonding experience between me and my brothers and friends. These are the top 10 games that have influenced my life.

My roommate Josh and I playing on my Game Cube.

10. Settlers of Catan

Settlers of Catan is a board game that's ultimate purpose is to race against your opponents to create the biggest empire. It is all about strategically picking where you will build settlements, cities, roads, and knights. All of these different pieces have different effects on the game. Depending on where and how many of  them you purchase your resource income will be changed. Using your resources you can purchase more pieces that will benefit your empire. The winner is determined by the player who reaches a certain amount of "victory" points first. These victory points are awarded by the size of your empire. A settlement is worth 1 victory point and a city is worth 2. There are other ways to gain these points. For example, the player with the longest road will be awarded 2 victory points.

Board game cover.

Although there is a lot of strategy and trading in this game there is also a great deal of luck. If luck is not in your favor, you can't compete against other players who are reaping the benefit of the roll of the die.

Me playing Settlers of Catan.

My older brother Dan first introduced me and another older brother of mine, Stevie, to this game a couple of years ago. I usually wouldn't be able to get to see my brother Dan because he lived at UMass Amherst and I still lived at home attending high school. Whenever my brother Stevie and I got to go visit him this was a popular selection for the game we wanted to play.This game provided a good time to bond with my brothers. Now, when the three of us get together we still play this game quite commonly. This game also marks the era of my life where I could start competing against my brothers in strategy games. Before I started to play this game, I was too young to be able to keep up their higher level of thinking. Now, however, I get my fair shares of winning against them.

The Settlers of Catan board game.

 Overall, this game reminds me of the fun I used to have whenever I visited my brother Dan at college. It is also an effective thinking game that keeps my brain stimulated and active.

9. Dominion

Board game cover.

Dominion is a strategy game where you have an actively changing deck of cards. Every turn the player uses the top 5 cards of his/her deck to purchase other cards to add to his/her deck, discard cards out of their deck that they don't want, or alter an opponent's deck. How well you are doing in the game is largely effected by the quality of the cards in your deck and how well they work together. Usually when 3 different types of cards are all bought the game is ended and the player with the most victory points in their deck wins the game. Although there is some chance involved in this game, there is much less than in Settlers of Catan.

Some Dominion cards.
 This game was introduced to me in the same fashion and the same time as Settlers of Catan. Although I used to like Settlers of Catan more, I now prefer this game over Settlers because this game is not effected by luck in the same degree Settlers is. This game also brings back good memories of hanging out with my brothers.

8. Mario Kart
Me holding my Mario Kart game.
In this Nintendo classic, the player can choose between their favorite Mario characters and race against their friends in fun filled interactive and fictional courses. In the race there are multiple items and power ups your characters can use to gain an advantage over your opponents. To balance out the skill of the players more powerful items are awarded to players who are further behind in the race. With practice, the player can learn to take corners well and use their items efficiently.

Middle of a race in Mario Kart Double Dash.
 Although this game is usually played by groups of friends who just want something to do I used to play this game by myself, with my brothers, and sometimes online so I got exceptionally good at it. There are multiple little strategic tricks and secrets to learn about this game and when you are familiar with them you are at an advantage over other players. Although I like to play the Game Cube version of this game, Mario Kart Double Dash, I am equally familiar with the version for Wii.
This game is basically the only game my girlfriend and I can compete against each other in. Since she doesn't really play any games we have a tough time finding something we can play together. Fortunately, she also owns Mario Kart for the Game Cube and the Wii and she has grown to be good at the game. Playing this game, we can both be entertained and good competitors against each other, which is much more than I can say for most video games.

My girlfriend and I playing Mario Kart.

7. Pokemon

Good old Pokemon. Everyone knows this game as one of the most popular collector games ever made. Mostly everyone in my generation can relate to having to choose between Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. And from there, raising them to a powerful weapon meant to defeat the Elite 4. From there, most players will feel accomplished and put the game down. However, for some Pokemon trainers defeating the Elite 4 isn't enough.
Charizard, one of the most popular Pokemon.
In newer games the option of playing online against other people's Pokemon is an option. Players will usually eagerly submit their team they defeated the Elite 4 with against online players. To their surprise and horror, their team will suddenly be crushed by online Pokemon. For some players this might be enough discouragement to make them put the game down but for others this is just a challenge.

Me playing Pokemon on my Nintendo DS.
The trainers who keep going look into how to create the ultimate Pokemon.Suddenly they discover a whole new world of Pokemon filled with unfamiliar terms and tedious boring tasks. Next thing they know they are breeding the same Pokemon hundreds of times waiting for it to have the the attack it needs to be good, making sure their Pokemon have the right nature (which effects stats), and also have good IVs (individual values) which have a large impact on their Pokemon. They also need to be careful of the way they train their Pokemon because if they defeat the wrong type of Pokemon, theirs will get the wrong EVs (effort values) it needs. And before you thought it was over, their Pokemon also needs to be holding the perfect item before it goes off into combat or else it's performance won't be as good as the online Pokemons. And the better items are not easy to acquire. Suddenly, a small fraction of your life is lost to raising one Pokemon that can defeat almost any other. Never mind a whole team of 6 Pokemon. And if you want an ideal legendary it's a different story. Just don't plan on seeing your friends any time soon. Suddenly the fun in the game is lost.

Pokemon Platinum Version, the Pokemon game I've played the most.

 Unfortunately, I was one of those trainers who had to keep going and simply could not accept defeat. Although I have raised some insanely powerful Pokemon, I don't believe it was worth the time and effort. I have learned from Pokemon that sometimes it's worth it to just let go and accept defeat. Sometimes, the fight just isn't worth it.

6. Zelda

Me with most of my Zelda games.
Nintendo has come out many different versions of the Legend of Zelda. In every one of them the player gets to control Link, the Hero of Time, to adventure around a world of secrets, quests, puzzles, and action with the ultimate goal of saving the world from the evil king Ganondorf.

Ganondorf and Link fighting.

I fell in love with The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time many years ago. Since then, I have played the game all the way through at least three times. My favorite Zelda game is either Ocarina of Time or The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker, which gives the player a much more cartoon world covered in a vast ocean with many deep hidden secrets to discover.

A scene from Wind Waker, which is much more cartoonish than the other Zelda games.
 When I was young I used to wander around outside pretending to be Link looking for hidden treasure. By far, Link used to be my favorite fictional character of all time. My sense of adventure and creativity has been greatly influenced by Zelda games. I simply love the Zelda games and whenever I think about them I remember the simple and exciting feeling of adventure I used to have when I was younger.

Me pointing out that I have 20 hearts, meaning I have collected every heart container, which are all hidden throughout the world in every Zelda game.

5. Diablo II: Lord Of Destruction

Me at the opening menu of Diablo II.
Diablo II, for the PC, creates a fictional world in the mid evil era where the survival of humanity is being threatened by the terror and destruction of the three Prime Evils- Mephisto, Diablo, and Baal. The player is given control of the one hero who is destined to kill all the Prime Evils and save humanity. Given an unlimited amount of gear to discover and a large selection of character classes and skills, the hero must stand up against the Prime Evil's minions and eventually save the world. With your custom-made hero who is unlike any before, you travel through many different challenging environments and slay evil for the sake of humanity.

Fighting Diablo, one of the 3 Prime Evils.
  I love the artistic and stylistic choices in this game. Diablo II Lord of Destruction is divided into 5 acts and in every one of them, the environment is completely unique. For example, the first act takes place in a gloomy evil woodland area where the hero fights through caves, a Gothic monastery, and eventually the catacombs.

A scene from Act I.
 The second act takes place in the desert where your hero gets to explore multiple Egyptian-like tombs, a lair filled with giant bugs, and the basement of an evil palace. 

A scene from Act II.
 Although the game came out around a decade ago and the graphics aren't spectacular, the style of the different environments and the unlimited options for your hero make this game very enjoyable. My outlook in art has been changed by this game. I now appreciate differently forms of arts and different methods of making art. For example, my favorite pictures of art are usually beautiful and realistic pictures of nature or ancient structures.

4. Magic the Gathering

 Magic the Gathering is a card game where two different players try to defeat their opponent with a deck of their cards filled with spells and creatures. In Magic the Gathering there are basically two different types of cards - lands and spells. Lands produce mana, which is needed to play your other cards (spells). Spells are cards that can do harm to your opponent or benefit yourself, such as put a creature into play under your control. 

Some basic land cards.
 Spells need mana to play. Without the mana, you won't be able to play any of your spells. This game is packed with strategy but unfortunately, also luck. For example, when a player draws their opening hand of 7 cards they generally want about 3 lands and 4 spells. However, a player will sometimes draw all lands, or all spells. It can happen to anyone, no matter how good they are at the game. When this happen the player will be at a significant disadvantage. In summary, this is largely a strategy game but at any time one player can lose because of bad luck.

Some spells a player can cast in Magic.
Magic the Gathering consumes the majority of me and brothers time whenever we hang out. My brother Stevie collects Magic cards, so whenever he buys new ones we play against each other with them. I believe I have become a better decision maker because of this game. There are many options when constructing a deck and even more options during a game. Sometimes there is no correct decision and other times the right decision might not be easy to see. A lot of times players might not notice something and make a mistake because of that.

Me thinking while playing magic.
3. Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2

Me playing Red Alert 2.
In my opinion Red Alert 2 is one of the greatest real time strategy games of all time. In this game for the PC, you and your opponent both control a futuristic army on the same map and whoever defeats the other player is the winner. Both players a given many options of units to make and buildings to construct. The player needs to make sure they have a constant income of money because if they don't the won't be able to make any units or buildings. The game is all about deciding on which units/buildings you need and how you use them.

A snapshot from Red Alert 2.
When I started playing this game I always played against an army commanded by artificial intelligence. I would waste many hours of my days hours building up large armies when I first got this game. Eventually, I learned everything there was to know about the game. I have always believed since then I've had an uncanny ability to play this game. I played my first human when I went online one day. I really didn't expect to win and for a while it seemed like I wasn't going to, but it in the end I prevailed. I played three more games online competitively and won them all, leaving my online record 4-0. After this, I stopped playing online matches because I didn't like the stress of losing my perfect record. To this day, I still haven't lost.

Me playing Red Alert 2.
This is one of the few games I got my buddies back from home interested in. Generally, I preferred Nintendo and they preferred other systems so for the most part we didn't play any of the same games. I'm glad we could both enjoy playing this game. I recall some nights where me and three of my friends would all be in the same game working as a team against four other players.

2. Age of Empires 2: The Conquerors

Me playing Age of Empires II.
 Like Red Alert, Age of Empires 2 is also a real time strategy game. This time you have the option of controlling around 20 different ancient civilizations instead of a futuristic army. Age of Empires 2 is much more complicated than Red Alert, offering the player many more options of units, buildings, upgrades, etc. The format of Age of Empires is also much slower, each game lasting usually over an hour.

Me building an army in Age of Empires II.
 Age of Empires is one of my favorite games ever made. I enjoy the slower format and setting more than in Red Alert 2. I have also learned a great deal of vocabulary from Age of Empires. For example, I can tell you a Cho Ko Nu was the name given to a Chinese man of war equipped with repeating crossbow. The game creators did their history homework before they made the game. In fact, in the game manual they provided a list of all the units in the game and their historical significance.

Game cover.
The only brother I never really played video games with was my oldest brother Phil. Fortunately, he loved this game too. Some nights when we both had nothing to do we would play against each other. We always had a blast. In fact, I remember one of our battles clearly. We were both on an island and I had recently won a large battle. Phil knew he wasn't gonna last on the island long so he started making transport ships. When I launched the final and lethal attack on his base I noticed a lack of resistance. I assumed he had given up but very shortly after I was notified that my base was under attack. He had transported his remaining military around the island into the back of my base. My army was far away on the other side of the island. By the time my units came rushing to my base's rescue there was significant damage done to my base. I almost couldn't recover from the brutal strategical strike but I did end up victorious by a small margin. This game provided good memories and good bonding experience between my brother and I.

A battle scene from Age of Empires II.

1. Super Smash Bros.

The characters in Super Smash Bros. Melee.
One of the most successful games ever made, Super Smash Bros. lets players engage in an ultimate fight between the most popular Nintendo characters. The format in this game was unique when the first one was released for the N64 and still very few other games have tried to copy the format.

A snapshot of a battle in Super Smash Bros. Melee.
Like many others, my brothers Stevie and Dan and I were hooked by Super Smash Bros. when the first one was released on the N64. We would spend hours at a time playing nonstop against each other. When Super Smash Bros. Melee was released for the Game Cube we quickly bought the game and unlocked all of the characters. Our love for this game was ever greater than for the original. For years, if you came over my house at night there would be a good chance my brother Stevie and I would be playing this game. There were a couple of months where we played the game religiously, every moment we both had free time we would be gaming it. Because of this, we both got disgustingly good at the game. Whenever one of us would play someone who wasn't one of the brothers, there would be little to no competition. Then Super Smash Bros. Brawl came out for the Wii. Once again, we fell in love. Like Melee, we played the game whenever given the chance. To think about the amount of hours I've put into the Super Smash Bros. games is scary.

Me with my Super Smash Bros. Melee.
Moving into college, I took Melee with me and left Brawl behind. Plenty of kids from my floor claimed they could be beat me at it and that they were the best. One by one, they were all put to shame. Some were better than others and some I became really good friends with. My roommate Josh and I both like playing the game so it has provided common ground for us to get to know each other and bond. Other kids on my floor, such as Corey and Kyle, also became my friends partly because we all liked the game. Since being here, us three have played Smash almost every day. I give credit to Super Smash Bros. for not only getting my brothers closer together but also making new friends at college.

Me playing Super Smash Bros. with my roommate and friend, Josh.